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My name is Adam. I make a living buying properties, vacationing at these properties, and renting them out while I am not there.  Sounds too good to be true right? Well, with a little risk and some focused work, getting paid while you're not enjoying your own vacation properties isn't that far of a stretch. Read more from my eBook to learn how I did it!
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Why Are These Hotels Able to Offer These Trips for Essentially Free?
Hotels make these deals as it's better for them to have SOMEONE in their room than NO ONE when they have vacant rooms. Why? Because you're likely to eat at their restaurants, buy some drinks at their bar, extend your stay (often at a discount), and do other things that ultimately make them more money compared to just keeping a room empty. Of course, hotels don't want these deals publicly known because then far less people would be likely to pay them full price, which is why these vouchers are a win-win for all sides!
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